What Jobs do you feel my resume best suits? I've applied to serval job...

What Jobs do you feel my resume best suits? I've applied to serval jobs with no luck maybe I am missing my Niche?

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    What were the titles for roles you applied for? What types of companies did you apply to?

    I鈥檇 add some additional detail under your most recent job - it might give people the idea that you鈥檙e interested in manager roles if you don鈥檛 clarify?

    Speaking of that, I鈥檇 add a two-line Summary above your experience to let readers know what kind of role and company you鈥檙e focused on.

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    I have applied for entry level/Jr. Dev roles. I haven't been too selective on what companies I have been applying for just as long as they are within my tech stack. I will definitely be making edits based on your notes!

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    The link from your github to LI is 404.

    I like the start of your resume and feel that there can me some more qualitative statements
    1. he Software Engineer Open Source Fellow made a valuable contribution to the Amplify project by identifying and addressing areas of confusion during the onboarding process, enhancing the experience for new contributors.
    2. The proactive approach of the fellow in implementing form validation not only improved the accuracy of campaign letters but also enhanced the overall user experience and trust in the platform.
    3. The integration of Git Action workflows demonstrated the fellow's commitment to optimizing the development process, ensuring that potential issues were identified and resolved earlier in the development cycle, thereby increasing developer productivity.

    I hope this is helpful.

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    This is very helpful, we definitely do not want a 404 error! I'll update the code and rewrite some of the bullets. Thank you for your valuable feedback!