Hi All - I’d love to connect with:

Hi All - Let’s help each other. If I don’t know you yet, I’m happy to meet for 20 - 30 minutes so you’d be more comfortable making a possible intro for me (or vice versa) to these contacts below.

Could anyone introduce me to CMOs, VPs / Heads of Marketing, and/or any title on the Communications or Biz Dev teams at these A.I. companies:

Anthropic,​ OpenAI, Runway, Hugging Face, Synthesia, Cohere, Adept — OR others on this A.I. 50 list?
• I have a concise email intro I could send for you to edit as you wish.
• I am also especially interested in A.I. and blockchain companies focused on climate change or sustainability solutions.

In return,​ I’m happy to make intros to these A.I., blockchain, and PR companies (and more!) and/or fulfill other requests you may have using my network:

Blitzscaling Ventures (A.I. VC firm), AlphaSense (A.I. data intelligence platform), Mino Games (A.I. gaming), Toonstar (A.I. animation studio),
Abra (crypto investing), Apex Fintech (B2B investing platform), Masterworks (blockchain art investment), V-Art (blockchain content licensing platform)
Spark PR, Samson PR, Colony5, Divino Group (PR agencies​ + more!)

Thank you for your time and consideration. Cheers!

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    Eric D. it looks like I may have a connection or two to someone at Anthropic. Any particular group you want to connect with?

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    Heriberto R. I think you know someone in Engineering at OpenAI?

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    Yes 👍🏻 thanks

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    Derek The comms/PR (first option) or broader marketing team (second option). Thanks!

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    Eric D. I checked my network but didn't have any contacts at those companies but it looks like a few others do - good luck!

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    Thank you Amy N.

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    Derek Eric D. I do have a Dev contact @ OpenAI his name is Sebastian Gonzalez. What is the SEEKER process for introducing a referral swap?

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    Heriberto R. - Eric D. should have a short intro in the format we share with the community. So once Eric sends that to you, you can intro Sebastian and Eric (would suggest email over LinkedIn - many people don’t check LI Messages regularly). Eric, could you DM Heriberto your email and intro? [NOTE: We like to keep last names and emails out of this channel for privacy purposes.)

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    Done. Thanks again Heriberto R. and Derek

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    You’re welcome!