Hey Everyone,

Hey Everyone,

I am interested in getting a role that gives some exposure to AI, here are some roles that pique my interest:
SoundHound - Software Engineer II (Fullstack or FE, or BE)
C3 AI - Software Enginner (Fullstack or FE, or BE)

A recruiter from Ascendion reached out to me for a Software Engineering role that requires relocation to Chicago.
Below is the JD and their contact information if you're interested.
If you do reach out to them just mention me as a referral

This role requires a wide variety of strengths and capabilities, including:
• BS/BA degree or equivalent experience, CS degree preferred

> • Strong experience in Core Java, Object Oriented, RDBMS (Oracle), SQL, Spring, ORM (JPA/Hibernate) and Unix Scripts

> • Experience in web development and modern JS Frameworks (JavaScript, HTML 5, Ember, ReactJS, or Angular)

> • Experience in architecting and building secure, highly available, resilient, scalable systems leveraging clustering and load balancing of web/app servers and messaging systems (Kafka / MQ Series)

> • Knowledge of container-based development, orchestration, microservices frameworks and tools (Docker, Kubernetes, Spring Boot, Swagger) is a plus

> • Knowledge of Reactive programming is a plus i.e. Spring Flux

> • Understanding of Agile methodology and leveraging SDLC tools to improve development and testing efficiency (JIRA, Jenkins, GIT, JUnit, Selenium, Lint)

> • Experience in streaming/aggregation frameworks (Storm, Spark) is a plus

> • Experience using NoSQL / BigData Stores (Cassandra, Elastic Search, Cloudera Stack or H-Base) is a plus

> • Banking and payments domain background is a plus

> Regards,
> Sudarshan Pakhare
> Senior Talent Specialist
> 973-320-7815
> sudarshan.pakhare@ascendion.com

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    First, I’ve worked directly with Nate on development teams, and I highly recommend connecting with him. Great Tm8.

    Second, Nate, do you have a language/languages that you’re primarily targeting?

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    Looking at those company LinkedIn pages for possible referrals for you.

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    Second, Nate, do you have a language/languages that you’re primarily targeting?

    Thanks Derek!
    Preferably TypeScript, Node, React or Vue, PHP/Symfony/, and MySQL

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    Nate P. I checked my connections and no one I know is connected to these two companies.