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    I like the layout, the design and how it loads.
    The touch points at the bottom for your links was difficult for me to click on the thumbnails.

    On 03. My Tool and then the emjoi I think either pluralize tool to tools like the top level or make it toolkit, toolbox.

    The emjoi's are a nice visual but when using a screen reader it's somewhat difficult, also when I used screen reader it repeats your H3, not sure why.

    Hope this is helpful.

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    You do a great job with design and interactivity. Also a big fan of the fonts which are so often not appreciated.

    I would add that as a front-end dev I always check Lighthouse scores in Chrome on developer sites because that鈥檚 a core functionality of a website I would be hiring for. Definitely run it through that and ensure you solve as many of those problems as possible.

    The added plus is a good Lighthouse score helps your Google SEO too! 馃殌

    Overall though, great job Heriberto R.

  • Avatar of Derek

    Beautiful portfolio site!

    I love the touches like your photo, the YouTube Kata. It really has a ton of personality, looks great, and showcases you well.

    One small thing, I鈥檇 tweak the position of the resume button in the header; looks like it could be slightly better aligned?

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    John W. Thank you for these points I have some work to do!

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    Zach H. Thank you for this tip 馃挕 I finally ran it through Lighthouse and noticed some performance hits. I definitely have some work to do!

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    Derek Thank you sir I will work on the button positioning. Def could you some grid alignment.