Hi, I'd love feedback on my project https://pdq.pa...

Hi, I'd love feedback on my project https://pdq.pages.dev
PDQ = Pretty Darn Quick.
It's designed to allow engineers, developers, architects and business professionals get on the same page about planning, security and fundamentals of appropriate computing plans, technology and consideration.

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    First and foremost, it’s great that you’re only showcasing your cybersecurity knowledge and expertise, and also that you’re giving back to the community. 👏

    This toolkit looks very, very accessible and helpful to me.

    A couple things I think might help you take it even further:
    • Could you add a section where people could ask you questions or request information? That might help you continuously improve and extend the value of this project?
    • I’d spend some time on the design and layout - unless you want to flex your web design muscles, I’d find someone in the community who can help you enhance the design - great content deserves great design!
    Overall, great project!

  • Avatar of Zach H.

    Definitely agree with Derek on the readability design. Having some margin on the text would be very helpful.

    Overall, you cover a great deal of analysis, but I think having a hook of some sort at the top would help convince folks to read the entire thing. Having a numbered list of what this document could teach you, would be valuable in my opinion.

    This document plans to teach you:
    1. The consequence analysis of…
    2. How to build goals…
    3. …
    You do clearly know what you’re talking about though John W. and it comes across well. 👏

  • Avatar of John W.

    Thanks, I'm writing that site in hugo and don't quite understand how to make those changes to the display. Would be open to skill trade in this domain.

    I'll make some changes.

    What's an easy way to integrate discussion questions w/o a lot of time to configure + build?

  • Avatar of Heriberto R.

    John W. I think Disqus is a good route if you want something with low maintenance and easy to install IMO.

  • Avatar of John W.

    Heriberto R. Would you be able or willing to skill trade ?