Just this morning I had an interview that was line...

Just this morning I had an interview that was lined up a week ago for a law firm company based down south for a remote Full Stack Dev position.

Only to find out in the first 50 seconds of the call that I was not qualified for the role because I lived in the state of NY. I guess the ATS filter or prior convos did not filter that info out? The job description had no indication of this. Not sure how much of a horror story this is but it was def disappointing and a waste of prep time. 馃槶

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    It鈥檚 funny - companies seem to understand that a candidate鈥檚 experience is really important鈥ut so many act like they only care about the experience of the candidate they鈥檙e going to hire! 馃槨

    Sorry this happened to you.

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    What鈥檚 also wild, is it鈥檚 bad for business for them too! I can imagine you鈥檙e not the only candidate that wasn鈥檛 in their desired location.

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    Its so bad.. especially if it happens for reasons which are beyond your control

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    Thanks guys hopefully the next one is better!